Introducing RotaSync: Revolutionizing On-Call Management Across Business Systems

In today's fast-paced digital environment, the role of on-call professionals extends far beyond traditional incident response. Modern businesses require on-call team members to be integrally involved in a wide array of conversations and tasks across various platforms—be it addressing critical alerts, participating in crucial Slack conversations, handling CI/CD system failures, or managing L2/L3 support issues in ticketing systems like Jira. This expanded role has underscored a critical gap in operational efficiency and communication: the challenge of seamlessly assigning or tagging the on-call person across different business systems.

The Challenge

Traditionally, on-call scheduling systems like PagerDuty have been excellent at managing incident response. However, not every alert escalates to an incident, and not every discussion that requires on-call attention happens within these systems. From Slack conversations to Datadog alerts and beyond, the need to directly tag or assign tasks to the on-call professional in various systems has become increasingly evident. Yet, organizations have been left without a solution to streamline this process—until now.

Our Solution: RotaSync

RotaSync is born out of the necessity to bridge this operational gap, offering a unified solution that automates the synchronization of on-call rotations with every other business system you use. Here's how it works:

  • Centralize Your On-Call Schedules: Whether your source of truth for on-call rotations is PagerDuty, OpsGenie, or another scheduling system, RotaSync connects to understand who is on-call and when.
  • Automate Sync Across Platforms: RotaSync creates a proxy in every connected system—be it a Slack user group, a GSuite group, a Jira assignee list, or any other system you rely on. This ensures that tagging or assigning the on-call individual is as simple as referencing a group or an email, like @compute-oncall in Slack or in GSuite.
  • Stay In Sync, Effortlessly: Our system ensures that these proxies are always up to date with the current on-call rotation. This means no more manual updates or confusion about who is currently on-call, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters.

Why RotaSync?

- Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Reduce the time and effort spent in managing and updating on-call assignments across multiple systems.

- Improved Response Times: By enabling direct tagging and assignment, RotaSync ensures that the right person is notified and can take action immediately, reducing response times and improving resolution rates.

- Streamlined Communication: Facilitate smoother communication within teams and across departments by ensuring everyone knows how to quickly reach the on-call person, without needing to check a separate system.

Embrace the Future of On-Call Management

RotaSync is not just a tool; it's a transformative approach to on-call management. By automating the synchronization of on-call rotations with your business systems, RotaSync empowers your teams to work more efficiently, respond more quickly, and communicate more effectively. Say goodbye to the operational silos of yesterday and welcome a unified tomorrow with RotaSync—where your on-call operations are always in sync, and your team can focus on delivering exceptional service without the manual overhead.

RotaSync is fully built, owned, and operated by SaasBrew Labs LLP